Mary in her natural habitat: covered in handmade clothing.

My name is Mary. I’m a dorky, queer, feminist fiber nerd who has way too much time on her hands.

In elementary school, I attempted knitting during my first — and only — Girl Scouts meet. My mom and I taught ourselves crochet later that year, but it didn’t really stick. I didn’t try fiber arts again until the eighth grade. My friends and I went to an anime convention, Otakon, and needed costumes for each day of the event. Out came Mom’s ancient, yellowing sewing machine and I began my cosplay hobby.

A few short years later, I taught myself to knit with various books like Stitch N Bitch, Domiknitrix, and Knitting Nature. From there, I went on a lace kick, realizing that all lace is is math (a favorite of mine).

Of course, getting my BA in Spanish Language and Culture got me interested in indigenous textiles of the Andes and Yucatán. This urged me towards smaller and smaller needles, my old crochet hooks, and a handmade backstrap loom.

On top of it all, I’m back into sewing and recently started to quilt. Someone save me from myself!