Happy Hanukkah to Me

I’ve been working hard to catch up on cleaning since finishing up the semester, so knitting has gone a bit by the wayside. Onesie number one still needs buttons and blocking and I’m only about halfway through onesie number two. 

Since I have a few balls leftover from making our wedding shawl, the second onesie is being knit in the same rainbow yarn. Kara wants a belt so we can all have something rainbow as a family. I want her to find a cool buckle, then I’ll knit something in either seed or linen stitch. 

The top half of a sleeveless, rainbow baby onesie, still on the needles
We went down to Maryland to see my family for Hanukkah. Since the group of people who know about future baby is small, I didn’t bring my knitting. I did, however, get a fancy new yarn bowl — it has a black sheep on the back! — and some handspun, hand dyed yarn from a farm local to my hometown. What can I say? My mom is basically the best. 

Since she’s Christian and dresses up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus with my stepdad every September, I made her an apron out of a $2 dish towel and $1 buttondown that I found at the local thrift store. My stitches are sloppy, but that’s to be expected from a procrastinator like me. 

A handmade apron with an image of Santa and a sugar cookie recipe, trimmed with a red and white plaid fabricA wound ball of two ply wool yarn, in an autumnal colorway featuring reds, rust oranges, olive, slate, and navy. Rainbow yarn in a blue and brown glazed yarn bowl. There are tiny sheep across the center band of the bowl.
I think I’m going to make a chulo with my new yarn. It just seems right for the handspun feel, the colors, and the more rugged texture of the yarn. Besides, I’ve been needing a way to keep my ears warm since Kara took my old earflap hat. While traditionally chulos are made with color work to create a thicker, denser fabric that stands up to the cold weather in the Andes, I may opt for a cabled version. Yarn this beautiful deserves to be shown off without other colors to distract from it. 

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