The Internet is back!

I haven’t gotten a chance to work, binge watch Jessica Jones, or blog about my knitting ventures for the past several days. Thanks, Comcast.

Actually, it hasn’t been the nightmare that I thought it might be when I first realized the Internet wasn’t coming back on after I restarted the router. Surprise: people have been entertaining themselves without internet for a much longer time than they have with it.

So, what’s a house of millennials to do without instant knowledge at their fingertips? We did a ton of mad libs. Think of the fun vocabulary you come up with when you get a neuroscientist specializing in sexuality, two social workers, and a crafter in the room together. Unsurprisingly, the neuroscientist’s words were far superior to ours. When you all enjoy enough cheap beers and liquor, though, no one seems to care about the words in your mad lib repertoire. The bonus: I got to knit while everyone else took turns writing.

Speaking of knitting, I finished the lace stockings by Mari Muinonen on Wednesday. They look super cute and provide all of the warmth of pants with way more style and comfort. I’ve been too excited not to wear them, however, and haven’t had chance to block them. The stockings are starting to smell like feet, which is the perfect way to force me into washing and blocking these bad boys. I promise to post new pictures once I do that.

But it doesn’t stop there: I knit the first of Spousie’s genderqueer mittens and they look absolutely phenomenal so far. The cuff on mitten number two is almost done and the rest will be smooth sailing from there. Since I have the bare bones of the pattern already done (charts, instructions, etc), all I have to do is format them, take pictures of the FOs, and write up explanations of all of my stitch shorthand before I can feel good about publishing the pattern… And publish I shall! The pattern will go for $5 both on Ravelry and this website by this time next week. Good thing we’re getting a foot and a half of snow this weekend; it will be great for a photo op.


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