Cold weather and mittens

If I were to say to you that this winter has been fairly mild, that would be putting it lightly. Through December and most of January, I have grown accustomed to wearing light jackets and skirts. Mind you, if it weren’t a sign of global warming, I’d be jumping for joy over this weather… Between my poor blood circulation and the old injuries in my knee and ankles that act up in the cold, cold weather just doesn’t suit me. And at the ripe, young age of 27, even! Can I just retire to Florida in my 30’s?

Incidentally, the recent (read: today) bout of characteristically cold weather has left me inside the house under layers of blankets. No matter how lazy I want to be, though, errands don’t just run themselves. Kush, the rescue dog I found on December 30th, needed to go to a wellness visit at the vet to be approved for his neuter procedure and, of course, my own dog needs to be walked at least twice a day. Since I’m home with her all day, every day, Spousie is kind enough to take charge of most of Coralee’s walks on their days off, only having me tag along when the weather is nice and we aren’t completely hung over from the night before. Tonight, it was back to the usual grind, but what is this 26 degree weather?

…Luckily, knitters come prepared. 

 all bundled up for winter weather 
I bundled up in a suri alpaca scarf, a superwash merino shawl, a handspun merino and silk hat, and a pair of handspun teeswater top fingerless mittens. At least my upper body was warm. I need to make more socks. 

Speaking of socks, the lace stockings are still going. I only did fourteen complete flowers before switching to US5 tips and beginning Chart 4. Now, I’m working the cabled and lace ribbing for the cuff in US6 tips and I will probably keep knitting in pattern until I reach the desired length. My goal was to finish today, but my hands were pretty full at the vet and I didn’t get a chance to work on them until later. The rib is pretty simple, though, and should work up quickly. Tomorrow, I expect to be able to finish knitting, weave in ends, and block them in time for Spousie to get home from work.

Oh, and I started drafting the color work for Spousie’s convertible mittens. They want purple with the genderqueer symbol. I do plan on tweaking the top two stalks so they come out at a slightly better angle, but this is otherwise a cute design. The cuffs will be a plain rib (or maybe brioche stitch? I could incorporate the light blue into the cuff and I definitely need some practice on this technique…), there will be a thumb gusset with a single heart, and the palm will have consistent hearts throughout. Here’s my first draft:

 colorwork chart for genderqueer mittens 
Ending with that, it’s time for me to snuggle in under the covers with my puppert, my Spousie, and my space heater. Have a great night!

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