More Lace

I’ve been working on the stocking fairly sporadically for the past few days, but I made some progress anyway. Late this afternoon, I finished off the ball of yarn that I was knitting from both ends. 100 grams of yarn lasted all the way to my knees, which is pretty nice. It’s so refreshing to knit lace after making so many dense fabrics to realize that your yardage is way lower than usual.

As for the pattern itself, I’m supposed to start chart 4 for the cuff now, putting me at the predicted over-the-knee length. I want these to fit like thigh highs and be held up by a garter belt. Rather than start the cuff after 9 complete flowers, I’m going to take Nunki’s advice and knit enough repeats to have 13 complete flowers on the back of the leg. Once done, I’m going to switch to size 5 needles to accommodate my thunder thighs without forcing the fabric to roll down on itself (a common problem for people with larger thighs). Enjoy some pictures!

On my queue of other things to knit, get ready for a pair of convertible mittens with stranded hearts and the genderqueer symbol for Spousie, a cabled beanie for my roommate’s brother, and a Fallout 4 vaultsuit sweater for the dog in that order. I’m pretty stoked for all three projects.



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