Lazy Cables

Wow! It has been a crazy few days. On Wednesday morning, I found a dog wandering the street and tracked him home to a neighbor’s house. It turned out that the dog had run away from home a week prior and, when it finally found a way home, his owner didn’t want him anymore. So, rather than take him to a shelter, I took the little guy home, got him the medical attention he needed, and found a foster parent. After a few days of nonstop action, we’ve found a few potential adoptive parents, but nobody concrete yet. Fingers crossed!

Anyways, I found the time to knit up a swatch and make a video of lazy cabling. Transcript after the jump:



Alright. This is Mary with I’m explaining lazy cables to you. So, the whole idea is, I don’t like holding cable needles when I’m doing cables because they make my hands cramp up.

Um… And when it’s really only four stitches or fewer, it’s super easy to just do it without a cable needle, so I’m going to show that to you today.

For a left-to-right crossover, you’re going to leave everything facing the same way — kind of like you would just knit it — except instead, you’ve got your one, two, three, four stitches.

Start with your third stitch and just kind of tug it open and knit into it. Now go to stitch number four and do the same thing. So now you have two stitches on the right needle and all four stitches still on the left needle.

Now you’re going to go into that first stitch and knit it. This time, we’ll pull the first stitch off. So now we have three and three.

Knit the second stitch and now you have all four stitches on your right needle so you can drop them off of the left.

I’m going to show that to you one more time. Let me just purl two between the cables. 

So, start with your third stitch, tug it out, knit into it without pulling anything off of the needle. Do the fourth stitch; again, knit into it without pulling anything off of the needle. Now we’re going to go to the first stitch and pull only the first stitch off. And then the second stitch and pull the remaining three off.

Now we’re going to purl two and I’ll show you how to do a right-to-left crossover cable. 

So now with these guys, it’s going to be a little bit different because we can’t just do this the way we did the first one. So I’m going to take all of these and slip them as if to knit — all four. They’re all on the right hand needle now. And slip them back to the left needle so that way we have the loop facing a different direction. This is the back of the stitch, the front of the stitch is in the back now. 

You’re going to take your right hand needle and slip into the new back/front of the third stitch and knit it in the back. Okay. Do the same thing to the fourth stitch. So now we have two stitches from the cable on the right needle and all four on the left. 

Now we’re going to knit into the back loop of the first stitch and pull it off. And then knit into the back loop of the second stitch — and bear with me, this is very difficult to do with an iPad between me and the knitting — and we’re going to pull the remaining three stitches off. 

Just give it a little tug to even it out. And I’ll show that to you again. 

So we’re going to slip all four as if to knit onto the right hand needle and pass them back to the left. And then knit the third stitch in the back, knit the fourth stitch in the back, then knit the first stitch in the back and slide it off. Knit the second stitch in the back and slide off all of the remaining stitches. 

Okay. So, we’ll finish this row and I’ll zoom out so you can see it all. 

So that’s lazy cables. All of these were the lazy guys it’s fairly easy. You don’t have to use a cable needle, nothing to fumble around with since you’ve already got two needles in your hands. And that’s it. Thanks for watching. 

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