Progress on the Lace Stockings

I missed a few goals today that I had set yesterday; specifically, I wanted to knit a swatch to photograph lazy cabling. Instead, I went on a Star Trek binge, worked on my stockings, and played Fallout 4… level 41!!

…But you aren’t here to read about video games (or are you?). Here are some pictures of my progress so far:

The lace pattern knits up quickly once you get the hang of it. So quickly, in fact, that I can knit roughly eight rounds on each stocking per 40-minute episode of The Commander Data Show.

As for the gusset, it’s knit pretty discretely with a m1 increase on either side of the lace pattern every other row for twenty rows. This is new for me: I’m used to decorative and pronounced gussets and prefer a foot shaping that is placed at the bottom of the sole rather than the sides. For now, I’m following the pattern. In the future, I would probably do even increases in the center of the sole (eg, m1,k1,m1 on the first increase row, m1,k3,m1, and so on).

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