Rat Hammocks

Between cleaning and running errands, I haven’t had a chance to knit yet. However, I did manage to finish our friend, Jason’s, Christmas present. He just adopted two pet rats and I heard from a little bird (my roommate) that rats love hammocks. One search later, I found a rat hammock tutorial that I liked.

Since I rubbed a hole in some old jeans, they went into the project. It took a little less than one leg per hammock, which worked out well since I was making two. Instead of using one layer of fabric, though, I lined each interior with some cheap fleece and faux fur a friend gave me a few months ago. To make sure that the rats don’t accidentally turn the lining inside-out, I zipped both layers of fabric through the machine to “quilt” them together. If you look closely, you can see some gray lines on each picture from the quilting process. I didn’t do anything fancy or precise, but I didn’t really need to. These just need to stand up to wear and tear.  So, in went the grommets and then I looped in some paracord.

Don’t mind the pictures: I used my roommate’s rabbit’s cage to show one of the hammocks in action.

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